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Elf CracksEAAAEdit

An Elfbot crack for tibia 8.4 is now availble.Edit

This crack was made by a respected person from elfbot community, whos name must be unknown, as we dont want to break his reputation on as moderator.

Im saying 1 more time if you dont trust better not to download.

So what about a crack tutorial


  1. visit and download ElfBot NG 4.5.4 (an official site of elfbot)
  2. Install it. Tibiabot gives you and oportunity to try it out for 1 hour, it will close automatically after this term.
  3. Now you have to download
  4. Open an Elfbot folder and copy there files from Elfbot.rar.
  5. Open Tibia, and load the elfbot.(Gz now you are one of us)

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